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Some Molly's Pack and former Druids forming new pack?


The location of the bulk of Molly's Pack is not presently known. Adverse flying conditions have prevented an over flight of their usual territory in the Pelican Valley, but ever since they visited the Lamar Valley in early December, some additional wolves have been around. One of them is radio-collared. He is 261M, a large gray wolf from Molly's pack, born in 2001. He had been traveling in the Lamar area for a while with another male gray wolf, uncollared, possibly his brother.

Recently too, but before Molly's Pack came to the Lamar, wolf 217F, a Druid born in 2000, dispersed and was traveling the area with several other wolves.

217F and 261M have now joined, along with from 2 to 4 other wolves, conjectured to be a mixture of former Druids and Molly's Pack members. They have been mostly in Slough Creek, where on Dec. 23, 105F's group of wolves chased them, pursuing the new group of four. In particular, 105F's group was after 261M, and they chased him alone all the way down the Yellowstone River to "Hellroaring Slopes."

Their unsuccessful chase over, 261M returned to his group, and in fact on Dec. 25-6 the group had grown to six.

261M and 217F are acting like alphas -- double scent marking, with 217F especially, leading the proto-pack.

261M and his brother 262M were radio-collared last winter at the age of about 10 months. They were caught in the Pelican on a bison kill, their stomachs' were full of meat and they weighed 120 pounds (est. 100 pound empty) . . . big pups!

217F was radio-collared the previous winter. As a 10 month old pup she weighed 80 pounds. Rich McIntyre reports she does look slender, as female wolves in particular often do.

On New Year's Day the possible new pack was a bit west of Slough Creek and close to the Agate Pack which had a kill. The new pack has many possible rivals nearby -- 105F's group of 4 in Slough Creek, the 10 member Agate Pack in Little America, Tower Junction, and Elk Creek, the Geode Pack on Hellroaring Slopes and sometimes Slough Creek, and the Druids in the Lamar. McIntyre reports the new pack seems to be keeping a low profile. Before 261M's group formed, McIntrye observed 261's tactic dealing with the rival-searching Druids. They came close to him, but rather than run, he sat down among the rocks, and given the favorable wind, the Druids marched on by unaware.

An update on 253M, the Druid who went to Utah. . . he continues to travel as part of the 9 member Druid Pack. His injured right front paw seems to be a bit better.

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