Pup from latest release killed by vehicle near Firehole River


On Sept. 17, Yellowstone NP biologists released two wolves that
had been captured earlier this summer and held in the Nez Perce
Creek enclosure -- no. 15M and pup no. 47M.

Things went as planned, and they quickly joined with female no. 26 who was near the enclosure. On Sept. 21, however, the pup's radio collar gave a mortality signal. The other two wolves were far away from the release sight. They were in the Pelican Valley in the east central part of Yellowstone Park.

The pup's body was found on Sept. 22 along the Firehole River a couple miles north of the release site at Nez Perce Creek (a tributary of the Firehole). The pup appeared to have been hit by a vehicle.

The pup's death is the 11 th mortality for the wolves reintroduced to Yellowstone. It is the third vehicle-caused death.

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1996 Ralph Maughan
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