The Fate of no. 9's, 1997 litter-

In the Yellowstone Wolf Project Annual Report 1997, Dr. Douglas Smith writes:

"After denning within a quarter-mile of the road, where many care were attracted to the nearest pullout area, #9F moved her seven pups to another den in May, probably because of the human disturbance. But this second den was still within view of the road and visitor attention grew. In late May, #9F attempted to cross the road with her pups, probably to take them to #18F's den, where she and the other Rose Creek wolves spent most of their time. But when some visitors among the 20 parked cars sighted the pups, frenzied people jumped out hoping for a glimpse or a photograph. As a result of the commotion, #9F was separated from her pups, who then retreated toward the den. Although #9F was eventually able to move at least some of the pups across the road and down to the Lamar River, the pups had great difficulty swimming the flood-stage river. One pup was found dead at #9F's crossing point, and it is unlikely any of the others survived."

Report YCR-NR-98-2, p. 5.