Two strikes and wolf no. 3 is killed


Male wolf no. 3 from Yellowstone Park has been
killed by federal agents after it returned to the
sheep ranch near Emigrant, Montana, 20 miles
north of Yellowstone National Park.

In December, it killed two sheep on the ranch. It
was quickly captured and put in the Rose Creek
pen in Yellowstone's Lamar Valley. Later it was
released 20 miles to the south of the Lamar in
Pelican Valley,

Monday, however, it had returned to the sheep ranch
and, according to the rules of the wolf reintroduction,
it was killed.

No. 3, very black wolf, was formerly a member of the Crystal
Creek pack which thrilled thousands of Yellowstone
Park visitors last summer by the pack's high visibility
in the Lamar and Pelican Valleys.

In December this second year wolf dispersed from the
pack and headed to the NW and into its first trouble.

This is first of the reintroduced wolves to Yellowstone
or to central Idaho that has been legally killed. Two
others were shot illegally.

Now there are 37 wolves in the Yellowstone area either
free from the 1995 reintroduction or in acclimation
pens awaiting release.

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Ralph Maughan
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