Wolf #12 found dead near Daniel, WY


The dispersal of wolf no. 12 from the Soda Butte
Pack has ended with its death west of Daniel,

Wyoming Game and Fish found the wolf's body near
a Wyoming state highway Sunday morning (Feb. 11).
The large wolf had been "officially" spotted last
on Jan. 16 near Dubois, Wyoming.

Daniel is on the west side of the Wind River Mtns.
while Dubois is on the east side. It is high
rangeland country in the upper Green River between
the Wind Rivers and the Wyoming Range to the west.

There had been a number of "unofficial" sightings
of the wolf the last several weeks between Dubois
and Daniel.

The cause of death has not been announced. This is
the 3 rd death among the 14 original wolves brought
to Yellowstone in Jan. 1995. Nine pups were born
last spring, and one of these was killed by a deli-
very truck.

Daniel is a hamlet about 15 miles west of Pinedale,
Wyoming and 50 miles SE of Jackson, Wyoming.
No. 12's former pack is about 150 miles to the

Sad though the death is, it is remarkable how far
the wolf dispersed -- relevant, in my opinion, to
the federal court case now being waged against
the wolf reintroduction. Plaintiffs are arguing
that the wolves from Canada are genetically different
from the several wolves that perhaps have survived
in the American Rocky Mountains. Dispersal over
hundreds of miles in a month-and-a-half indicates
to me that genetic exchange up and down the Rockies
in recent times most certainly did occur.

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Ralph Maughan
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