Wolf R3M captured and returned to Yellowstone Park


Wolf R3M was captured Sunday, Jan 14, after killing two sheep in Paradise
Valley north of Yellowstone Park.

US Fish and Wildlife Service personnel captured the wolf and turned it
over the Yellowstone National Park officials who put it in the
empty enclosure at Rose Creek in the Lamar Valley. 3M, a second-year
male wolf, was apparently dispersing from the Crystal Bench Pack in
search of a mate. He will be held and paired with a female from the next
batch of wolves from Canada, expected as early as this weekend
Jan. 20-21).

There are now three enclosures in place: the original Rose Creek pen,
and the pens from Crystal Bench and Soda Butte Creek which have been
reassembled at Blacktail Deer Creek (between Tower Jct. and Mammoth
Hot Springs) and Nez Perce Creek (8 miles north of Old Faithful).
The bulk of the new wolves will go to the Nez Perce Creek enclosure
and the Blacktail Deer Creek enclosure.

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Ralph Maughan
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