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A large Idaho Wolf Shot Dead southwest of Hailey

$4000 Reward Offered

11-28-2000. Update 12-1

A 130 pound plus male wolf from the Big Smoky Pack has been found shot dead in Willow Creek, a drainage about 15 statute miles southwest of Hailey on the edge of the Snake River Plain. The dead wolf, 3-year old B57M, originated in the Thunder Mountain Pack in central Idaho, but had recently migrated south and joined the Big Smoky Pack which is the most southerly Idaho wolf pack. The wolf was black and described as "extremely large."

His carcass was found several weeks after being shot near what the media described as a "popular hunting road." The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is offering a reward of $2000. Defenders of Wildlife is offering an additional $2000. 

The wolf was last seen alive on Nov. 7. His body was found Nov. 23.

"Whoever did this isnít just a criminal, but a coward to boot," said Bob Ferris, vice president of species conservation for Defenders of Wildlife. The Idaho Mountain Express reported that USFWS special agent Paul Weyland said there were promising leads in the case. If you have information, call 208/378-5333. You may collect a reward and hopefully put the killer in prison.

About a month ago another wolf, this one a disperser from the Stanley Pack, was shot near Grandjean in the headwaters of the South Fork of the Payette River. The shooting is under investigation by USFWS law enforcement.

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