Update from the Field
Summer's here and cows aren't. June 20, 2002

Update from the field 6-20-02

It is official - we have kicked into our summer season! It will be a wonderful time of outreach. We have begun tabling in Yellowstone at Tower Falls. We are reaching at least 70 people a day. The response has been mostly positive. Everyday more and more people are finding out what is happening to these majestic creatures. If you will be in the area - contact us so that we can spend some time with you or if you want to volunteer at our outreach tables at buffalo@wildrockies.org  (Attn: Chris or Meghan)

We are also interested in doing outreach at festivals. Do you have any suggestions?

 I am sure most folks have heard that this is the first summer in a long time no cattle will be present at Horse Butte. The Forest Service will be working on an Environmental Impact Statement and we are currently doing our own study as well. We have already found 2 sensitive plant species!~. They are both critically impaired, one has only been documented in one other place, Glacier, Montana. These flowers were found a mere 10 yards from the Horse Butte capture facility. This is great news because we feel that these important plants may prevent cattle grazing on Horse Butte and possibly remove the Horse Butte capture facility. We have just begun our study and expect to find more threatened plants that may help give this land back to the buffalo. I want to thank Su & Nancy C. for raising the funds for this project. I also want to thank Myla and Robyn for their hard work getting these plants recognized.

Public Radio in Redwood County did a live interview with us. Thanks to Chris Skyhawk for helping get the word out and all the great questions he asked. I was an honor to be on his show. Also Bonnie Raitt is continuing to help spread the word about the buffalo and recently had a concert in RedRocks in which she spoke very highly of the campaign and also gave us a donation. Thanks to NRAF for their hard work on the concert and reception! And of course - big buffalo hugs to the fine folks at Avacado Productions!

We will be having a sweat lodge ceremony to welcome summer solstice and would like to continue having them. Our first sweat will be guided by a Cheyenne Indian in the traditional manner. Please let us know if there is anyone we can pray for. All are welcome to join. The buffalo power gives wisdom and strength to all those who recognize their majesty.

We thank you for your support,
Guardians of the buffalo

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New Newsletter

The newsletter will be off the press next week so watch your mailboxes!

How can you help?
If you have a new address or don't receive yours by July 15th - send your address to buffalo@wildrockies.org and we will send you one. If you have friends/family that you would like to receive the newsletter - send us their address. All addresses are kept confidential and we never share them with anyone else! We are here for the buffalo!

If there is a store that would like to hand some out or an event happening in your community and you would like to distribute newsletters - please let us know how many you need and where to send them (& tell us where they will go out...). Help with postage is needed! write buffalo@wildrockies.org

If you are in the Missoula area - contact Chuck (irestone@wildrockies.org) for info on how you can help at the mailing party.

Last but not least - funds are needed to cover the cost of printing and mailing the newsletters! Please send what you can afford to: POB 957; West Yellowstone, MT 59758
Remember - we're a grassroots and stretch a dollar a long ways. No fancy offices or high paid staff - just dedicated volunteers working for the buffalo!!!

Thanks for all your efforts!
Together we can truly make a difference.
For the Buffalo!

A big thanks to all the fine folks we met with in Bozeman last week. D.J., Rosalie, Peter, Dave, Tim, Howard et al - thanks for your hard work for the buffalo!

It is encouraging to know that our presence in the field is pivotal to the future protection of the majestic buffalo and the other creatures they share this unique habitat with!

Happy Solstice to all.

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