What do these photos show?

These photos were emailed to me to show what wolves do to their prey. I have no information where these photos came from except for photo 4, the group of elk carcasses (Gros Ventre River Wyoming Game and Fish feedlot).  Except for the photo I recognize, there is no documentaion that wolves were the cause of death.

The photos are the size I received in the email. Ralph Maughan

Ralph Maughan

buck dead
Photo 1 Deer buck

dead bighorn
Photo 2. Bighorn

dead elk
Photo 3. Dead elk.

dead elk Wyoming
Photo 4. Dead elk at WY Game and Fish Feedground

I know a lot about this story. This was one of the Wy Game and Fish winter feed lots up the Gros Ventre River.
Every night the wolves would come down and kill an elk, and maybe feed for a while. The next morning irritated
feedlot employees would drag the dead elk off.
The next night the wolves would return. Where's the elk they killed? So they killed another one. Next day, the carcass
was dragged off. Before long there was quite a pile of elk and it looked like a clear case of "sport killing by wolves."

The next winter, employess let the wolf-killed elk lie, and the carcasses were consumed by returning wolves and other scavengers.


dead elk
Photo 5. Killed elk

wounded elk
Photo 6. Wounded elk


Summary. Feb. 21. After debating these photos, the general conclusion is that they are a hodgepodge of dead wildlife from various places with no indication what animal killed them. It may or may not have been wolves. There is certainly no indication that whatever killed them, killed them for "sport." Several kills appear very fresh. The photographer probably frightened away the predator or predators.

For those who truly want to believe wolves are good or bad, these photos might seem to be proof, but in fact they simply show animals that were killed or wounded.