Leopold Wolf was not Killed in Paradise Valley


Some folks might have noticed I took down the article on the death of dispersing Leopold wolf 148F. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Report was that she was killed along a road in Paradise Valley north of the Park. In fact the location of her death was northwest of Paradise Valley, far from Yellowstone. Her body was found on March 12 near a frontage road along Interstate 90, nine miles west of Livingston.

This is near Bozeman Pass where I-90 crosses the southern end of the Bridger Range between Livingston and Bozeman. A month ago today I was driving that road at 75 mph along with many other vehicles. I wondered how much wildlife is killed in the area and how big a barrier it poses to wildlife migration from the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem northward to other parts of Montana. If anyone has statistics on death of wildlife and wildlife and humans due to collisions on this stretch I would like to receive it.

Livingston is located just north of Paradise Valley and it is 55 miles north of the north entrance of Yellowstone. Bozeman is 21 miles west of Livingston.

Number 148F did seem to have paired with Rose 161M, and they were together in the Park only 3 weeks ago. Wolf 148 was born in 1998. 

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