Thomas McNamee, author of the best-selling book The Grizzly Bear in 1984 has written abook about the Yellowstone Wolves -- The Return of the Wolf to Yellowstone (Henry Holt). 

The link below takes you to an excerpt of the book in Outside Online magazine. The article in Outside retells the now famous story of the killing of wolf no. 10 by Chad McKittrick and his arrest by authorities.

The Killing of Wolf Number Ten by Thomas McNamee

Thunderstorm over Mount Maurice (left). Chad McKittrick shot
wolf no. 10M on the lower slopes of Mount Maurice (about in the
far left middle of the photograph)

Ralph Maughan. This photo was taken in late May 1997. This storm washed out the parking lot at Red 
Lodge Mountain ski area a few miles to the southwest of the photo location. Mount Maurice is the easternmost of the Beartooth Mountains.