Mt. Haggin

Mt. Haggin, elevation 10,607 feet, is one of the highest peaks in the Anaconda Range, and is a landmark from the town of Anaconda, Montana.

Mt. Haggin in the Anaconda Range.
Mt. Haggin. Telephoto view from near Anaconda, Montana in August 2004
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Mt. Haggin Wildlife Management Area

This land, 56,151 acres in size, is owned by the state of Montana, It is about ten miles south of Anaconda (on the backside of Mt. Haggin). It sprawls at the base of the U.S. Forest Service managed Anaconda-Pintlar Wilderness.

The area is notable for its moose, deer, elk, and pronghorn populations. Wolves have been reported in the area, at least off and on, since July 2000. Currently it is thought the Mt. Haggin Pack of about 6 adult wolves roam the area. This area of subdued topography and plenty of prey is the just the kind of country we would expect wolves to settle in and prosper if left alone.

Anaconda Range. Mt. Haggin Wildlife Area
The Anaconda Range from Oregon Creek in the Mt. Haggin
Wildlife Area, Montana. Aug. 2004.
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updated on 08/20/2004