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Swan Lake Pack kills a Nez Perce Yearling

Jan. 23, 2001

The Nez Perce Pack, which has become one of the Park's largest, has continued to explore northward outside its traditional central Yellowstone territory.  This recently brought it into conflict with one of the new northern range Packs -- the Swan Lake Pack.

This is the time of year wolves are being captured to put on radio collars, take measurements and so forth.  A female yearling from the the Nez Perce Pack was caught, collared, and given the number 212F, on Jan. 18. Ironically she was then  caught by the Swan Lake Pack less than a mile from where she was collared. 

The northern range seems to be getting a little crowded with wolves. First there is the suddenly much larger Druid Pack than in year past. Secondly, the Rose Creek Pack seems to have split in two. As always there is the Leopold Pack, and there is the new Swan Lakes Flat Pack. Now the area is being tested by the big Nez Perce Pack. 

Addition 2-17-2001. The Nez Perce Pack tested the northern range a couple of times in Jan/Feb 2001, but seems to have gone back to its traditional territory in the center of Yellowstone Park.

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