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Some of the Teton Pack in trouble.


With a population of 23, the Teton Pack is the largest wolf pack in the Greater Yellowstone, but one way or another, this size will not hold for long. Most of the pack is in its traditional wintering area feasting on the elk, but some of the yearlings have started to roam and get into trouble.

Recently 6 of the yearlings attacked and killed a cow calf near the Upper Green River close to Pinedale. Three of the six wear radio collars, so the identification was certain. They are in an area with a lot of elk, but also livestock, and near the local rural sprawl. As a result one or more of the 3 uncollared wolves may well be killed by the Service.

Also recently (Dec. 20) three or so wolves chased three livestock dogs in the Buffalo River Valley east of Moran. They caught one border collie and badly mauled it. The identity of the wolves is not known, but this is only about 2 miles from the Teton Pack's rendezvous site. Earlier this winter some of the pack killed a yearling calf in the Buffalo Valley (not the same place as lost the dog).

I think this is minor stuff, but quite a lot for a pack that has in the past had almost no conflict with livestock despite what many of us thought was enormous provocation.

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