Bear Creek roadless area, eastern Idaho

This is the most northerly of the three large roadless areas of the Caribou mountain range in eastern Idaho. The Bear Creek roadless area consists of a number of north-to-south running, parallel ridges. These are separated by small, scenic high mountain valleys. It also contains the deep drainage of Bear Creek, an important trout-spawning stream; and two prominent mountains -- Little Elk and Big Elk Mountain.

The many ridges of the Bear Creek roadless from the west. Distance is compressed
by a telephoto lens. The Tetons are on the horizon. Copyright Ralph Maughan
Photo taken July 11, 2004

The Bear Creek roadless area is wildlife rich, especially with elk. It is also an Idaho stronghold for moose. The Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game supported Bear Creek for wilderness designation in the 1980s before the "browns" took over the Fish and Game Commission. As with so many Idaho roadless areas, the opposition to wilderness designation comes mostly from interest groups that say they support "access" -- people who claim they have to ride vehicles if they are to travel about.

On a ridgetop in the Bear Creek roadless area. July 11, 2004
Copyright Ralph Maughan

View north from Caribou Basin into the Bear Creek roadless area
The grass, sagebrush, aspen, and conifer slopes of the Bear Creek
roadless area. Little Elk Mountain (left) and Big Elk Mountain (center) from Caribou Basin.
 Copyright Ralph Maughan. Photo July 18, 2005.


Bear Creek roadless area, Eastern Idaho/  July 20, 2005
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