The Bighorn/Weitas roadless area

Weitas Creek. Hemlock Creek. Clearwater Mountains
Weitas Creek and Hemlock Creek (bottom tributary). Copyright © Friends of the Clearwater

The Bighorn/Weitas roadless area of 250,000 acres! is another de facto wilderness in the northern part of the Clearwater Mountains. It lies just to the south of Mallard-Larkins, west of the Great Burn, and north of the Lochsa River. Wildlife and topography are similar, although Bighorn-Weitas has no lakes and the peaks don't reach as high. Weitas Creek and Cayuse Creek are large streams and blue ribbon trout fisheries.

Two or more wolf packs currently use the area, much to irritation of some, but there is little evidence they have depleted deer or elk numbers.

Weitas Creek in the roadless area. Copyright © Friends of the

Cayuse Creek's clear waters
The clear waters of Cayuse Creek. Copyright © Ralph Maughan

Headwaters of Weitas Creek. Copyright © Ralph Maughan


Ferns in a forest in Weitas Creek
Forest in Weitas Creek. Copyright © Ralph Maughan

Weitas Creek roadless area forest. Central Idaho
Forest in Weitas Creek. Copyright © Ralph Maughan

A clearcut near Weitas Creek. Will this be the future of the 300 square mile roadless area? © John Osborn.

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