Hell Hole Roadless Area

This is a small (about 6000 acres) roadless area on the extreme southern end of the Preuss Range and the Montpelier Ranger District. It includes the rugged and scenic south side of the Montpelier Creek Canyon and then some sagebrush slopes on the other side with aspen glades in the draws. The sagebrush side slopes off toward the Thomas Fork of the Bear River and the Bear Lake Plateau in Wyoming.
Montpelier Creek Canyon, SE 
The north slope of Montpelier Canyon
Hell Hole roadless area. Preuss Range
           © Ralph Maughan

The photo above is of the canyon breaks on the south side of Montpelier Creek Canyon.

U.S. 89 goes up Montpelier Canyon and over Geneva Summit to Geneva, Idaho (pop. 8) and the Wyoming border.  Recently $30-million of federal money was spent to turn much U.S. 89 through the canyon from a scenic 45 mph road to 60 mph swath. The wide shoulders of the highway now support an ugly crop of henbane and Dyer's Woad (noxious weeds).  As a result, folks can reach Geneva, Idaho three minutes faster. 

rmaughan2@cableone.net / Jan. 21, 2006