The Paradise Valley and Montana's Absaroka Range

Copyright: Ralph Maughan
Paradise Valley toward the Absaroka Range
The Paradise Valley is a long and broad valley north of Yellowstone National Park through which flows the Yellowstone River. The Gallatin mountain range is on the west side of the valley and the Absaroka (in the photo) on the east.
The valley's north end is just south of the small city of Livingston, Montana, at Allenspur, the site of a huge proposed dam on the Yellowstone River back in the 1950s.

Today the Yellowstone still flows free -- the longest river in the 48 contiguous states without a dam.

Paradise Valley, however, is falling prey to the sub-dividers. At one time the valley was winter range to the Yellowstone bison, but they are no longer permitted into the area. They are slaughtered as they approach the Yellowstone Park boundary to head for their winter range.

Jan. 21, 2002