The Pelican Valley

The Pelican Valley has some of the richest wildlife habitat in Yellowstone National Park. Pelican Creek and a number of meadowy tributaries begin on the Mirror Plateau and run southward. Pelican Creek eventually empties into Yellowstone Lake.

The valley is noted for its numerous elk, moose, and bison in the summertime, as well as grizzly bears, which are so numerous that the Park Service has instituted a number of restrictive measures on human access, such as no entry until mid-July and no camping thereafter in the year.

Pelican Valley is a cold valley, and in the winter it has less prey for wolves than the Lamar Valley and Yellowstone River Canyon to north. Nevertheless the valley is presently the home to the Crystal Creek pack -- 15 wolves.

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Pelican Creek's confluence with Yellowstone Lake (to the right). Copyright Ralph Maughan

Revised Oct. 4, 1998


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