The SE corner of Yellowstone adjoins the huge Washakie Wilderness to its east and the Teton Wilderness to its south. Altogether here lie 2.1-million acres of roadless, wild country, all in one big block. This wildland is famous for its population of moose, bighorn sheep, deer, and, especially for the Jackson Hole elk herd which summers there. The area is ideal wolf habitat, and during the time the Soda Butte Pack was penned at Trail Lake, two lone wolves (no. 35M and 30F), both from the 1996 wolf release, formed a pair and settled into the area around the upper Yellowstone River just SE of the Park. In 1997 they whelped at least two pups, and they have been named the Thorofare Pack. "Thorofare" is a name applied to part of this wild country (named after Thorofare Creek, a major tributary of the upper Yellowstone River).
August 29, 1997