Sherman Peak roadless area. Bear River Range

Sherman Peak is the tallest mountain (9682 ft.) in the north end of the lengthy Bear River Range of the Wasatch, which begins near Hyrum, Utah and runs north about 80 miles to end at Soda Point near Soda Springs, Idaho. The peak is about 15 miles SE of the town of Soda Springs.

The west face of the Bear River Range range is abrupt and bold, but the east side more gentle, which I think reduces the impression of Sherman as a high peak.

The roadless area and its surroundings are well watered compared to the general area, and the area is  somewhat difficult to travel on foot due to numerous seeps and springs as well as brush and thick coniferous and aspen forest. Nevertheless, there are many openings, flowery meadows, and a route from the road to the summit with little bushwhacking is fairly easy. The Skinner Canyon dirt road crosses the Sherman Ridge at 8800 feet, reducing the summit effort considerably (although increasing the wear on your vehicle -- rough road).

Sherman Peak, Idaho
Sherman Peak from near the Skinner Canyon road. Copyright © Ralph Maughan


Sherman Peak area wet meadow
Sherman Peak roadless area wet meadow. Copyright © Ralph Maughan

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Sherman Peak roadless area. This page created July 10, 2005.
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