Soda Butte Creek
Yellowstone National Park

Soda Butte. Hot Spring Cone. Yellowstone National Park

Ralph Maughan
Soda Butte (hot spring cone)


The name "Soda Butte" comes from a large, and largely dormant, hot spring cone that sits right next to the highway where Soda Butte Creek opens up into the Lamar Valley. The last wolves to be killed in Yellowstone during the period of wolf extermination where killed near this hot spring cone. As an indication that wolves will continually reinhabit the same area, the new Druid Peak Pack has denned just above Soda Butte on Druid Peak since 1997.

The Soda Butte wolf pack was released in Soda Butte Creek late in March 1995. It seems appropriate that the first reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone was near Soda Butte near where the government killed the last wolves (pups) back in 1926.

The new pack didn't stay in Soda Butte Creek for long, but the Druid Peak Pack, released from the nearby Rose Creek enclosure a year later, dominated Soda Butte Creek area from 1996 - to the present.

Meadow near Soda Butte Creek in July

Soda Butte Creek meadow

Ralph Maughan

Soda Butte Creek in mid-winter
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