The Soldier Mountains

Mid-winter. Soldier Mountains
Soldier Mountains in mid-winter

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The Soldier Mountains are the southern edge of the vast "ocean" of the central Idaho mountains. The Soldiers rise up abruptly from the long valley named the Camas Prairie, just north of Fairfield, Idaho.
 Camas Prairie from the Soldier Mountains
From the foothills of the Soldier Mtns. to the Camas Prairie below.
Mt. Bennett Hills in the distance (view is to the south)

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They are an impressive, though dry, mountain range. They swell to 10,095 feet (3077 meters) at Smoky Dome. From Camas Prairie, the Soldiers appear to be a linear, west to east-running range. Actually, they are shaped more like an irregular triangle about twenty miles long and from five to fifteen miles wide. Northward they merge in the rugged and large area called the Smoky Mountains

Smoky Dome (center), the highest of the Soldier Mountains
Smoky Dome (left center), the highest of
the Soldier Mountains. 10,095 ft.

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Soldier Mountains from the air. View north

The Soldier Mountains from the air (view to the north)
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There is little timber and there are no lakes in Soldiers. The roadless area is of medium size. The open nature of the country allows considerable cross-country hiking. Some parts of the range are heavily grazed, detracting from the experience during part of the summer. The primitive nature of the country is being eroded by off-road vehicles and other kinds of industrial tourism such as heli-skiing and ski area expansion.  

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