The Stillwater River tumbles out of the Beartooth Wilderness

Copyright: Ralph Maughan

The upper reaches of the Stillwater are anything but still. The photo was taken near the wilderness boundary near where the river spills out of the mountains onto the foothills.

From the beginning of the wolf recovery in Yellowstone, wolves have favored the Stillwater River as a travel route through the rugged mountains, as well as part of their home range. The Soda Bute Pack spent almost a year in the Stillwater and on the adjacent Beartooth Front. Number 27 denned and bore a litter of five pups in the area; and on June 10, 1997 one of the Sawtooth yearlings who had probably migrated down the Stillwater was shot as she was attacking sheep on the Beartooth Front.

The Stillwater River/ June 12, 1997