~The Stump Creek Roadless area of the Caribou Mountains, Idaho~

This is one of the largest roadless areas in the Caribou Range on the Idaho/Wyoming border -- 97,000 acres.

South Fork of Tincup Creek
South Fork of Tincup Creek
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From Stump Peak roadless area to the Salt River Range

Across the Stump Peak roadless
area toward the distant (snowcapped)
Salt River Range in Wyoming.
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The Stump Creek roadless area (despite its name) has not been logged, but will probably always be in danger of logging despite its unstable soils which are similar to those of the Caribou City roadless area to its north. It also faces a slight threat of phosphate mining and natural gas exploration. Off-road vehicles are making incursions, and a number of the trails have been left open to them in the new Caribou National Forest travel plan (too many, IMO).

On the ground, the area is much like the Caribou City roadless area. In fact they are separated only by Idaho State Highway 34.

The Stump Peak roadless area is 97,000 acres in size, down from over a hundred thousand acres when it was first inventoried in 1978. There was logging on its northwest side, just outside of the unstable zone.

The area is not rugged, but it has some very steep side slopes, much diversity of vegetation, and it has many damp riparian zones.

Meadow stream in the Stump Peak roadless area, Idaho
A typical wet meadow stream in the roadless area. Copyright © Ralph Maughan

The area is notable for the large number of elk. I wonder if wolves will howl in this backcountry some day. The roadless area is bounded by Idaho Highway 34 on its north, Star Valley in Wyoming on the east, and some lightly to moderately developed national forest land on the west and south.

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Autumn in a diverse forest in the South Fork of Tincup Creek.

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