Weir -Post Office Creek roadless area

This 20,000 acre roadless area is all steep, mostly forested country between the Lolo Trail and the Lochsa River thousands of feet below, and while it is a small roadless area, it is separated by only the Lolo Trail dirt road from the 250,000 acre Bighorn-Weitas roadless area to its north.

Most of the use it sees is from overlooks on the Lolo Trail as shown in the photo below.

Postoffice Creek, Idaho
View down heavily forested and rarely visited Postoffice Creek from the Lolo Trail
Photo copyright © Ralph Maughan

There are not many lakes in the Clearwater Mountains immediately north of the Lochsa River, but this roadless area harbors two lakes.

Indian Post Office Lake in central Idaho
Indian Postoffice Lake in the Weir-Post Office Creek roadless area.
Photo copyright © Ralph Maughan

In 2005 it was discovered that a new wolf pack uses Postoffice Creek and the surrounding area. Its size in 2005 was estimated at six wolves. It has been named the Lochsa Pack.

Here is the photo of the "post office." Named by Lewis and Clark.

Indian Postoffice Lolo Trail Idaho
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