Photos of the West Fork of Mink Creek/Gibson Jack Creek roadless area, Bannock Mtns., SE Idaho

This is a small roadless area just southwest of Pocatello. It gets a lot of daytime use. It is not really high country, but there are some steep local mountains. Best of all, much of the area is closed to livestock grazing, and has been for a long time. This makes it a real rarity at this elevation in this part of Idaho. The West Mink Creek RA is especially popular in late spring and in fall when the aspen, chokecherry, willow, and dogwood leaves turn.

About half of the roadless area is also a research natural area. The roadless are is popular for day hikes, mountain bikes, horse riding, and in the part with cows, dirt bikes too.

Late May in Gibson Jack Creek, a time of soft greenness and many wildflowers.
© Ralph Maughan. May 1996


Down the West Fork of Mink Creek in late spring.
© Ralph Maughan. Late May 1997


Gibson Mountain trail. View to the NE from the
roadless area across the distant Portneuf Valley
to the Pocatello Range

Copyright © Ralph Maughan May 1996


Early spring. West Fk. Mink Creek with
still bare aspen and budding red osier dogwood
Copyright © Ralph Maughan. April 2004

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